Sorare MLB Review – The new NFT based Baseball game

Sorare has already celebrated great success with football and within a very short time has become the absolute number one in the field of football NFTs. Now it’s baseball’s turn and Sorare has finally announced an official partnership with MLB. The result will be that now baseball fans will also get their money’s worth.

But in short, why Sorare?

Baseball NFTs are nothing new now – so why is Sorare special? What makes Sorare unique is the combination of NFTs with fantasy management. Players earn points based on their performance. Managers can draft players on their team if they own their NFTs. There is no fee or wager required, you just need to own the NFTs. At the end of a game day there are leaderboards and you can win ETH or cards as prizes. Other baseball NFT projects lack this functionality and are only suitable for collecting.

How will MLB Sorare work?

Basically like football. There will be different leagues within MLB and different rarities of NFTs. Most likely the free Common cards that you get as a gift when you sign up, the cheap Limited cards and finally Rare, Super Rare and Unique. The rarer a category, the more expensive the cards.

At Sorare there are different leagues for rarity levels, so for example a Limited league, a Rare league, and so on. So you can decide yourself where you want to play depending on your budget. For the Common league with the free cards you don’t have to invest anything, for Limited probably three digits, for Rare four digits and for the rarest leagues significantly more.

You will be able to put together a team for each game day and your goal is of course to collect as many points as possible with this team. This will be the basis for the ranking at the end of the game day and your prize money.

Sorare: MLB is now live! Get started now!