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  • Tyrone Taylor

    While the former second baseman has struggled to stay on the field, his impact has been felt throughout the entire organization. While he hasn’t hit for much power, he has shown that he can contribute on a consistent basis to a contender. In short, he’s a valuable asset to any club’s future. But is he ready for the next step? Read on to find out.

  • Hoby Milner

    The Brewers recently recalled veteran pitcher Hoby Milner from Triple-A Nashville. The left-hander will make his first Opening Day roster and work situationally out of the bullpen. However, he has been struggling with his command. The Brewers will likely need a relief pitcher to take over in Milner’s absence. Milner has made only five starts with the team. However, he has pitched well this season.

  • Kolten Wong

    A recent trade between the Milwaukee Brewers and Kolten Wong re-established the former’s popularity with fans. The 30-year-old second baseman signed a two-year, $18 million contract with Milwaukee in 2018. In the first year of his deal, Wong produced huge surplus value. But he has also been plagued by injuries, having to deal with an oblique injury for three months and a calf injury for two weeks. He was also placed on the injured list three times, including once in 2021.

  • Josh Hader

    The Josh Hader Milwaukee Brewers have come up with a new starting pitcher for the team in the form of right-hander Chris Archer. Originally signed as a free agent, Archer is the most popular right-hander in baseball. Despite his lackluster success, Archer is a great fit for the team. While Josh Hader is still a long way from being the best starting pitcher in baseball, he is a promising addition to the rotation.

  • Rowdy Tellez

    Rowdy Tellez is one of the Brewers’ most exciting young players. He has shown value on both sides of the ball and could earn a spot as a starter on the team in time. His performance in his first season in Milwaukee has led to chants of “Row-dy, Row-dy!”

  • Brandon Woodruff – Trade NFTs

    While the Milwaukee Brewers are off to a fast start this season, they’ve already suffered a blow, sending Freddy Peralta to the 15-day injured list. They also announced that Brandon Woodruff will be sent to the IL with a high ankle sprain. While Woodruff has pitched well so far this season, the absence of Woodruff is a major blow. The Brewers already lack depth at the pitcher position.

  • Corbin Burnes – Buy NFTs

    Corbin Burnes is having the best season of his career. The Milwaukee Brewers’ right-hander has posted a record-tying 10 straight strikeouts in August, and he also pitched eight perfect innings with 14 strikeouts during Milwaukee’s combined no-hitter. His stellar season is unmatched by any other pitcher in the National League. As of July 31, Burnes leads all qualified pitchers in strikeouts (12.4) and walks (1.7) per nine innings. Only one pitcher in the history of baseball has led both stats as well as his team, and that was Walter Johnson in 1913.

  • Willy Adames

    The emergence of Willy Adames in the Milwaukee Brewers organization has given the club an extra dose of energy this season. The right fielder, who was acquired in May from Tampa Bay, made an incredible catch in foul territory to put the towel-waving American Family Field crowd on its feet. Adames has since tamed his strikeouts and increased his barrel rate in each of his last four seasons.

  • Victor Caratini

    The Milwaukee Brewers have acquired catcher Victor Caratini from the San Diego Padres in a trade that was announced on April 6. Since the trade, Caratini has appeared in eight games for the team, going 5-for-21 (.238) with a home run and nabbing one attempted base stealer. There is no apparent reason for the move, as Caratini has only played 56 plate appearances.

  • Adrian Houser NFTs at Sorare

    The Adrian Houser Milwaukee Brewers are expected to make a strong run this season. He pitched four games for the San Antonio Missions and finished 2-0 with a 1.27 ERA in Triple-A. Houser was part of a six-player trade with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2015. He has pitched in two relief appearances for the Brewers in his career. The Brewers are 3-5 in his last eight starts.

  • Freddy Peralta Sorare NFT Cards

    If you are a fan of baseball, you may have heard of Freddy Peralta. His name is probably synonymous with baseball, and he has played for the Milwaukee Brewers for the past five seasons. However, Peralta isn’t the only Brewers player to be impactful. Two years ago, he and Jose Peralta pitched in tandem in the low minors, and they combined for a 3.15 ERA and 118 innings in 2016 and 122 in 2017.

  • Justin Topa

    A year ago, Justin Topa was unsigned by the Pittsburgh Pirates but the team picked him up. The Pirates canceled their minor league baseball season due to Covid-19 and Topa spent the summer with the Milwaukee Brewers’ alternate training facility. On September 1st, Topa was promoted to the Milwaukee Brewers’ major league roster. In six games, he has pitched seven and two-thirds innings and has given up only one run while striking out a dozen batters.

  • Brent Suter

    If you’re a fantasy baseball fan, you might be interested in following the latest news about Brent Suter of the Milwaukee Brewers. As a reliever, Suter will likely fill a setup role. However, he could also develop into a middle relief pitcher. In this article, you’ll learn how to keep track of Suter, including when he’s assigned to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers.

  • Andrew McCutchen

    The Andrew McCutchen Milwaukee Brewers are hoping that their new DH can help the team score runs and win the World Series this season. He’s a 35-year-old who spent three seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies. He slugged.366 with 27 home runs and 81 RBI. He has the versatility to play designated hitter, left field, right field, or fourth base. But his greatest impact has come against left-handed pitching.

  • Brandon Woodruff

    The Milwaukee Brewers have a strong rotation and need an ace, and one such pitcher is Brandon Woodruff. The left-hander is coming off a losing season, but he has already posted a solid 2.01 ERA in four starts this season. His strikeout rate is also low (36.9%), but he has been a solid pitcher over the past three seasons. In addition to his fastball and changeup, Woodruff also has a gyro-slider and a curveball.

  • Lorenzo Cain NFTs

    While he had an MVP-caliber season last year, Lorenzo Cain’s struggles continued in 2019. After a hamstring injury, he struggled to reach his previous level of production in 2019, and opted out of the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the lack of support from Brewers fans, Cain also doubted his faith in God. When the St. Louis Cardinals came to Milwaukee, he quit.

  • Christian Yelich NFT Cards

    After being traded from the Miami Marlins before the 2018 season, Christian Yelich has flourished with the Milwaukee Brewers. The slugger won the Silver Slugger award and finished second in the MVP voting. His recent struggles at the plate have left fans wondering if he will be able to bounce back. Here are some things to watch for this season. A small mechanical tweak might be all it takes to improve the drop of Yelich’s fastball, and better luck with squared balls should take care of the rest.

  • Jake Cousins NFTs at Sorare

    With only 9.2 days left in the regular season, Jake Cousins is expected to start the season’s final game. If he does, he should return in time for the playoffs. Miguel Sanchez was recalled to fill the spot in the bullpen. In addition to his stellar performance last year, Cousins has been one of the most consistent pitchers in the Brewers’ rotation.

  • Hunter Renfroe Sorare NFT Cards

    The Milwaukee Brewers signed right fielder Hunter Renfroe to a one-year deal worth $1.5 million. Renfroe should replace the production of Avisail Garcia, who will sign with the Miami Marlins for four years worth $53 million with a team option in 2026. His batting average is 0.230, which is below average, but is still an upgrade over Avisail Garcia.

  • Aaron Ashby – Buy NFTs

    The Milwaukee Brewers have brought back veteran pitcher Aaron Ashby to the rotation. The right-hander has a solid strikeout rate and good vertical movement on his pitches, which leads to whiffs and ground balls. He throws his curveball and changeup with good vertical movement, and his sinker grades out above average. Ashby’s xERA and FIP are both near league average, and his ground ball rate is nearly league-leading.

  • Jace Peterson

    The recent rise of Jace Peterson has been nothing short of exciting. The first baseman has a high launch angle, 15.6 degrees on his pitches, and a sweet spot percentage of 32.4%. His strikeout rate is also quite impressive at 24.7%, while his walk percentage is 17.2%. Peterson is a proven defensive player who has played for four teams before the Brewers. In his 9-year career, he has hit 426 hits, 33 home runs, 190 RBIs, and 217 runs scored.

History of the Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are a major league baseball team from Wisconsin. They won the American League East division in 1981 and lost in the divisional series to the New York Yankees. In 1982, they won the American League Pennant and the World Series but lost in the series to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Brewers advanced to the postseason for the first time in 26 years, but lost to eventual World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies.

The team introduced an alternate jersey for the 2016 season. The jerseys were navy blue and had home “BREWERS” lettering and a Brewers logo on the lower left. The first and last letters were larger than the rest of the uniform. The alternate cap featured a large “MB” interlocking logo without the diamond or bats. The cap had a white brim and a forest green bill. This alternate jersey was worn more frequently during the home season.

The Milwaukee club joined the major league Union Association after financial problems in 1885. They finished with an 8-4 record in the union association. The next two seasons were spent in the minor leagues. The teams did little on the field, but players like Clark Griffith found some success. After playing for Milwaukee teams from 1885 to 1890, Griffith went on to win 237 games in the big leagues. He also later bought the Washington Senators and became the first manager of the New York Yankees.

The Brewers began to decline as the team became unsuccessful. In 1961, the Milwaukee Braves were in the lower half of the National League standings. They finished fifth in 1964, and the Athletics announced their relocation to Atlanta on September 12. The Braves’ attendance problems worsened in 1963 and subsequently Lou Perini sold the franchise to Chicago businessman William Bartholomay. The two new owners were unable to reach an agreement on an expansion team.

The Seattle Pilots were expected to open their stadium in July 1999, but in late November, they were in the midst of managerial changes. They hoped to find a new owner in the Fred Danz group. However, the American League would vote in December on whether or not to approve the Danz group. Danz met the new mayor and agreed to provide a letter of credit and $150,000 performance bond to buy the Seattle Pilots franchise.

The Milwaukee Brewers won the 2004 World Series in six games. Andrew Hoffman won Pitcher of the Year honors, pitching an 8-0 game with an ERA of 1.08 and only 32 hits in 53.1 innings. The Pit Spitters’ first-round draft pick, Mario Camilletti, hit a walk-off HR and led the league in batting average. Ultimately, they won the Great Lakes Division championship over the Madison Mallards and earned a berth in the playoffs.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ rotation of pitchers included Ryan Smoyer and Matt Kent. Each pitched eight innings and had an ERA of 2.09. They struck out 70 batters and walked just 10.

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