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About Jose Ramirez

José Enrique Ramirez is a Dominican professional baseball player who plays for the Cleveland Guardians of Major League Baseball. He signed with the Indians as an amateur free agent on November 26, 2009. He made his MLB debut on September 1, 2013.

The deal was the biggest in team history, and Ramirez will now be with the team through 2028. It includes a full no-trade clause. The deal covers Ramirez’s $12 million contract and next year’s $14 million club option. The new contract also reshapes Ramirez’s 2022 and 2023 option years. The deal comes at a critical time for the Guardians, who have received criticism for not spending more money on free agents. Cleveland was on the brink of opening the regular season with a relatively low payroll.

The Guardians were also looking into trade offers for Ramirez. Initially, the Cleveland Guardians planned to trade Ramirez if they didn’t extend his contract. The San Diego Padres were the most aggressively pursuing the free agent, but the team decided to extend Ramirez. The deal will also automatically exercise Ramirez’s 2023 option, but will run through 2028. Moreover, Ramirez will become a free agent after reaching age 35.

A press conference will take place tomorrow afternoon, and the news about the deal will likely be publicized in the next few days. Nonetheless, it is possible that Ramirez could join the team sooner rather than later, but it will still take some time. Ramirez needs to undergo a physical, and the Guardians’ finance department will have to finalize the details of the deal before announcing it. So, keep an eye out for updates!

Jose Ramirez’s 2016 season with the Cleveland Indians earned him a spot in the MVP voting for the American League. The young Dominican hit 36 home runs in seven games, stole 27 bases, and won the Silver Slugger three times. While settling for third base for the Guardians, he continued to be an all-star and Silver Slugger winner. A recent study found that he has shown loyalty in professional sports.

Ramirez has been instrumental in the Guardians’ playoff push this season. The veteran right fielder has been named A.L. Player of the Month in April. He is helping the team reach the playoffs and making its comeback in the World Series. In addition, his numbers are impressive, earning him gold in the MLB Power Rankings. The future looks bright for Ramirez. If you want to see a glimpse of his greatness, get your copy of “Ramirez is the Man!”

Despite the recent announcements of the signing, initial reports suggested Ramirez’s contract would be worth $150 million. This number is far from accurate. The salary will rise to $22 million in 2022 and then fall to $14 million in ’23, which was the club option year in Ramirez’s last deal. Over the remaining five years, the salary will increase steadily and peak at $25 million in 2028. This deal also includes additional performance incentives.

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